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Margaret Morrison - 31 - Jackson, TN

Wear: Cobra Rock boots

About: ”I just bought these at a pop up the brand did at our store [Imogene and Willie].” 

If your boots could talk, what would they say?

"Damn she’s on her feet a lot."

— 3 months ago
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Beth Nelson - Lenhart - 21 - Royal Oak, MI

Wear: Blundstone boots

About: “I like them because you can walk through pretty much anything and wipe em’ right off and they look brand new again.”

What does clothing do?

"Covers you up so you don’t walk around naked."

If your boots could talk, what would they say?

"Clean me," I think.

— 5 months ago
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Kevin Pearson - old - Ann Arbor, MI

Wear: Button-up shirt

About: “I’ve brought this shirt on every good trip I’ve been on.”

What does clothing do?

"It covers my body and helps define me as a person."

If your shirt could talk, what would it say?

"Thanks for bringing me around the world."

— 5 months ago
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Frances Medina - 24 - Harlem, NY

Wear: Gold bracelet

About: “My mom gave it to me. She was cleaning out her jewelry box, and she said she always wanted to give me something but didn’t because I lose everything. She has had this bracelet for a long time. I never take it off.”

What does clothing do?

"It decorates me."

If your bracelet could talk, what would it say?

"Wake up!"

— 8 months ago
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Jay Tiempo - 24 - Ypsilanti, MI by way of Quezon City, Philippines

Wear: Raw selvage Japanese denim

About: He’s had them for the past year and a half, and has only washed them twice.

What does clothing do? 

"It allows you to express however you feel that day."

If your jeans could talk, what would they say?

"Thanks for washing me. Fix me!"

— 8 months ago with 2 notes
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Courtney Burgam - 26 - Berkley, MI

Wear: Vintage rings

About: One is her engagement ring and one is her wedding ring. One was made around 1910 and the other around 1920. The engagement ring was made in Paris, and she likes the fact that it has its own story about all the weddings it has been to and its journey from Paris to the United States. “It’s more romantic that it was owned before.”

If your rings could talk, what would they say?

"It was fate."

— 9 months ago with 1 note
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Tyler Vosgerchian - 23 - Ypsilanti, MI

Wear: Second-hand sweater

About: Sweater that used to belong to Cid Henry. He got it at the “really really free market.”

What does clothing do?

"It’s an expression of politics."

If your sweater could talk, what would it say?

"I really like Ernest Hemingway novels."

— 9 months ago with 3 notes
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Cosmo Whyte - 31 - Ypsilanti, MI by way of Kingston, Jamaica 

Wear: Dad’s gold ring around neck

About: Acquired the ring after his father passed away. 

What does clothing do?

"[Clothes] suggest personas, culture, conflict, desires, aspiration. They cover up."

If your dad’s ring could talk, what would it say?

"How you doing D? Take care of your mom and sister. Take your vitamins." 

— 9 months ago
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Laura Pershin Raynor - 60 - Ann Arbor, MI

Wear: Flowy storytelling top

About: “I like it because it swirls when I move and it’s my favorite color.”

What does clothing do?

"It’s my shell. It’s my turtle shell, and it’s my comfort zone, and it’s my smart ass reaction to the world."

If your top could talk, what would it say?

"Once upon a time." 

— 9 months ago
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Edmund P. Lewis - 27 - Farmington Hills, MI by way of Thomasville, NC

Wear: Vintage Lee jeans

About: ”I bought them at a Salvation Army in Redford, MI. I liked how distressed they looked. I knew that some old man used to wear them daily. The old man’s family probably had to get rid of his stuff, otherwise he would have had them. It’s like wearing a piece of someone else.”

What does clothing do?

"Clothing serves as the mouthpiece for the voiceless. You can be dressed really nice and not say nothing, and people be like ‘damn,’ or you can be dressed really bad and people still be like ‘damn.’ It’s a visual introduction to a person."

If your jeans could talk, what would they say?

"Keep working!" "Whew!"

— 9 months ago with 1 note
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